Welcome to Carnaby Street.

Located in buzzing Soho, Carnaby Street is one of the most famous and treasured streets in London. In the 1960s it was a Mod haven. Today it retains its boutique feel and houses everything from kitsch chic to high fashion.

It is now the favourite haunt of our subjects, Naomi and Juno. You can usually find them sitting in their favourite coffee shop, chatting away. The girl with thick, glossy black hair, almond eyes and a graphic novel at her elbow is Naomi. The girl with the thick candyfloss pink mane, striking pale eyes (one blue, one green) and paint stained jeans is Juno.

Friends since school they now attend the same university and share a small flat in South London. Although their interests appear to be vastly different - Naomi is numbers and code, Juno is metaphor and colour - they are like sisters. After a 'culture exchange' in their mid-teens they now have a shared love of graphic novels, gaming and the arts.